UV2™ FlexTech™ Undervest Shirt

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Worn under a vest carrier, the UV2™ FlexTech™ Undervest Shirt provides a clean and professional appearance. Expanding on our successful UV1™ series, the UV2™ offers warmth without bulk when worn under vest carriers as well as exceptional comfort, mobility, and shade retention from both the upper FlexTech™ fabric and lower Ufx™ polo fabric 

  • Upper portion features our FlexTech™ fabric, providing exceptional breathability, Nano Fluid Repellency and range of motion while the fleece interior provides warmth 
  • Lower portion features our Ufx™ lighter weight stretch, antimicrobial fabric for odor and bacteria resistance, breathability and comfort while allowing the shirt to be tucked in 
  • Cleanly fits under vest carriers while ensuring access to equipment  
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