HeroGuard™ DuPont™ Nomex® Women's Battalion Long Sleeve Shirt

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HeroGuard™ DuPont™ Nomex® Uniforms are specifically designed for activities performed by professional firefighters and medics. We recognize that your uniform is a personal part of your protective ensemble. HeroGuard™ is engineered to maximize safety, freedom of movement, and long-lasting professional pride. HeroGuard™ uniforms feature high-quality tailoring details that improve performance and value.

  • Certified to the NFPA 1975 Standards
  • Self-extinguishes and is inherently flame-resistant – won’t melt, drip, or support combustion in the air
  • Low fabric shrinkage during flame exposure reduces the chance of skin contact with hot fabric
  • FR qualities remain throughout the life of the garment – they won’t wash or wear out
  • Estimated wear life: Four years

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