BodyShield™ External Vest Carrier West Coast

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The BodyShield™ External Vest Carrier West Coast is identical to our award-winning standard vest carrier except in West Coast style. It allows you to wear a ballistic vest over your uniform for maximum comfort and accessibility while remaining virtually invisible to the untrained eye, with the bonus of making donning and doffing your vest easier. Adding optional pouches and molles to your vest redistributes weight from your duty belt. Pouches can be customized so that equipment is easily and naturally reached.

The durable battle-tested fabric features UVF 50 protection and antimicrobial technology in the lining and a side closure system allows for easy on and off. Factory certified, this vest is designed to house any body armor manufacturer’s vest.

  • Flat pockets and scalloped flaps
  • Zippered cummerbund waist closure keeps vest from riding up
  • Accommodates VSS1 Suspension System to alleviate back pain
  • Multiple pockets and available pouches allow customized storage options
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